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Открытие нового демонстрационного зала.
23 сентября 2009 г. в Москве состоялось[...]

Семинар с FDV
18 июня 2009 года в новом выставочном[...]

Вечеринка в Милане
Europa Risorse Porperty Services & Real Estate Agency совместно с Faram и Bisol провели[...]

Выставка «100% дизайна» в Роттердаме
Представительство Faram в Голандии[...]

Computer software Open Day and new showroom inauguration in Parma
The Parma event, organized as an Open Day on computer software (in collaboration with Epson...... and Officebit as media sponsor) as well as the inaugural day for the showrrom, attracted numerous professionals from the[...]

Inauguration of Faram showroom in Vicenza
May 14 in Vicenza and May 15 in Parma saw the inaugurations of two new Faram showrooms. The major local architectural and professional practices attended the Vicenza event, staying until late in the evening. Attached is a brief[...]

Открытие нового демонстрационного зала.
Новый демонстрационный зал был[...]

«Costrumat»- международная строительная ярмарка.
Ярмарка проводилась в[...]

New Showroom in Zagreb

MIPIM 2009
Faram and JMSchivo & Associati have taken part in the MIPIM, the principle international forum for property as well as the world market. MIPIM brings together and selects the decision-makers in international industry, allowing[...]

Meeting rete vendita e apertura nuovo showroom corporate
Il 20 Febbraio si è tenuto presso il quartier generale di Faram un meeting con il network distributivo mondiale dell’azienda. Durante il meeting sono stati affrontati vari argomenti partendo dall’analisi dei risultati[...]

17-12-08 Участие в выставка «SIMI» в Париже с 3 по 5 декабр
«Faram» совместно с немецким[...]

Faram and FDV Group Press Day
05-11-08 Faram and Gruppo FDV (I Tre, Murano Due, Aureliano Toso, Gallery, Alt Lucialternative, Luxit, Leucos) meet the Press. The new Location Astoria in Viale Montenero-55 in Milan was the setting for the Press day held by Faram[...]

New Showroom in the Capital.
Thursday 2nd October 2008 saw the inauguration of the new showroom in the Italian capital city. Here are some shots of the event.

Designers Saturday
Designers Saturday: 26th - 27th September 2008 in central London. For the first time in over 20 years a group of world leading office furniture design companies opened their showroom doors to showcase innovation in office design.[...]

Happening in Venice
On Thursday 11 September 2008, Faram invited many internationally renowned architects, designers and professionals to one of Venice’s most beautiful palaces to present Dinamico, a new furniture system, and to show a preview of the[...]

Faram-Arlex opens a new showroom in Barcelona
On 29 May 2008 Arlex, Faram’s joint venture in Barcelona, opened their new showroom. Here are some photos of the event.

New Project: Faram conquests Russia!
This panoramic photo represents "Moscow City" which is the largest investment and construction project in Russia to date. Geographically situated in Presnensky District in western Moscow, located at the Third Ring,[...]

Faram & Mercedes
Faram & Mercedes For all the participants and people that missed the event, we are delighted to forward some pictures of Faram’s Dinamico Preview held on 17/18 April 2008 at the Mercedes-Benz Centre in Milan. Dinamico It is hard[...]

Faram Sales Force international meeting
On Friday 28 March 2008, in the striking setitng of the Castel Brando, Faram presented the new DINAMICO furniture system to its sales force and at the same time outlined the Company’s present and future objectives.