live space in safety

Like at home, better than at home.

smart working means moving the office into the home, not for Faram, who dare to reverse the operation, bringing the home into the office.
Unlike traditional austere and alienating office furniture, Faram products transform the office into a desirable place, a positive place. Like home, better than home.

about us

Faram, a warhorse

Ongoing innovation, bespoke service and attention to detail: our strong suit to respond to the challenges of the working world- Faram does not ‘dress up’ the spaces, we create them.

what we do

Mobile Partitions

Born to divide, today they combine knowledge, skills and professionalism. From the historic P450 to the iconic P900 the walls that dressed the great architectural projects are Faram.

single-glazed walls
double glazed walls
triple glazed walls

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Furniture Systems

We generate work, meeting and life spaces. We place wellness at the center of our furnishing systems to free people’s potential and creativity.

operational desk
height-adjustable desks
conference table

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Our projects do not just define spaces and furnishings. Colours, materials and rhythm of the walls tell the whole world who our client is, where he comes from and where he wants to go.

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