Faram was founded in 1957 in Treviso, specialising in the design and production of partition walls and office furniture systems. Since the nineteen-seventies it has produced above all fitted walls, which evolved into partition walls and later glazed walls and the company is recognised worldwide as a leader with a dynamic and innovative approach.
Subsequently, Faram added to its fitted wall projects, mobile space dividers, office furnishings and fittings such as Bahlara, Cartesio and Dinamico  and the meeting pods Bubble, Bubble Meet and Cube.

Faram creates space

Faram does not furnish or ‘interpret’ spaces, Faram creates them, generating them anew in harmony with the distinctive values of the corporate client. The difference is significant. While those who furnish spaces inevitably submit to the existing characteristics, anyone who, like Faram, generates work spaces ex-novo can actively shape the physical-anthropological qualities of the settings. The degree of freedom and the capacity for influencing the well-being of the users and the efficiency of the processes are infinitely greater.

Courage is our guiding value

Over the years, Faram’s philosophy has amended to become O.S.O. – Office Sweet Office – an acronym that speaks of the courageous intentions of the company to resolve the home-office dichotomy, the two opposing paradigms of life: the public and the private spheres. O.S.O. emphasises the company’s intention to dare, to be bold and to take an important step in the direction of well-being in the working environment.

The office concept has been completely reinvented and the traditional categories home office and smart office are outmoded. Abandoning the idea of the work corner to the domestic space, Faram has launched a new challenge: to recreate in the office an environment capable of transmitting the sensations of comfort and well-being typical of home; home sweet home.

Faram produces spaces with a strong identity, composed of cutting-edge open systems that offer a wide range of options to companies, designers and workers, creating endorphic spaces in which people choose to work because they feel comfortable, creative, vibrant, contented and relaxed, as they would at home, even more than at home.

Faram Lab

The capacity to generate spaces and the infinite options for customisation are the key characteristics of the Faram collections and the new tailor-made interior design projects. In 2018, Faram set up FaramLab, the corporate division dedicated to made-to-measure projects from retail to hospitality.

Faram Lab

The Bahlara revolution

2019 saw the presentation of anew and revolutionary office furnishing and fitting system, created by the art director Egidio Panzera. During the annual appointment with Faram Talks, Faram presented Bahlara, the office furnishing and fitting system that organises spaces horizontally and vertically, integrating functions, eliminating divisions, and at the same time guaranteeing privacy.

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Consecrating major projects

Amongst the internal division projects that have featured in Faram’s history are: The Agbar Tower, designed by Jean Nouvel in Barcelona; 30 St Mary Axe and Tower Place in London; the McLaren Technology Centre in Woking and the World Port Center in Rotterdam, all projects by Foster & Partners, and IBM in Milan, designed by Coima Image.

Faram supports environmental sustainability

It Is quite easy to claim to be sustainable, ecological and environmentally-aware. It is quite another thing to truly be so, day after day, apart from the fine words and the important environmental certifications.

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Quality means doing things right the first time around

A good product and a good service to clients are the fruit of competent organisation that manages the supply chain, the production processes, the technical resources, the training and the experience of those who work in the company. Faram has garnered a series of international certifications, so that everyone knows their duties and suitable training for the job has been carried out.

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