Faram supports environmental sustainability

It Is quite easy to claim to be sustainable, ecological and environmentally-aware. It is quite another thing to truly be so, day after day, apart from the fine words and the important environmental certifications. Above all, it is difficult to be truly ‘sustainable’ if much of the production process is outsourced. This is one of the reasons Faram has maintained the principal production processes in-house. Keeping almost all processes in-house allows us to be truly in control of every production phase: from the design to the shipping of the finished product. For example, the planning phase, when it is necessary to choose the components of the products, also takes into account the recycling and reuse of the materials. The final phase demands the use of recyclable packing materials and emphasizes the reduction of waste during transportation.

tree, symbol of Faram environmental sustainability

In particular, Faram is proud to say that:

  • All its materials are 100% recyclable;
  • The company collects all the used packaging and oversee the recycling process directly;
  • Thanks to the mapping system, Faram contributes to the certification of buildings: LEED, BREEAM or WELL Building.

In order to measure the efficiency of the products, Faram has identified a series of KPI (Key Performance Indicators), in particular:

  • Optimisation of machine operations to reduce aluminium waste (which is sent for recycling) not more than 5%;
  • Reduction by 15% of electrical power consumption compared with the previous year.

Green processes

Qualty System Certification ISO 9001
Environmental System Certification ISO 14001
Pannello ecologico

Eco-friendly buildings

Green Building Council Italia
International Well Building Council

Sustainability of processes

Energy resources
Methane gas for civil purposes and electrical power (100% from renewable sources) for production purposes;
Monitoring of power plants (heating, electricity, power, lighting…) and machinery;
Periodic monitoring of emissions
Discharges into the ground and the waters
No industrial discharges into the ground or the waterways;
No draining pumps on site. Only water consumption for civil use.
Periodic monitoring of the surface finishing processes.
Waste materials (mainly aluminium and steel) that cannot be reused in the production cycle are assigned to authorized companies for recycling and post-consumer use;
The minimum part that cannot be used for new industrial cycles is sent to qualified companies, together with waste that can be disposed of with urban waste.

Quality means doing things right the first time around

A good product and a good service to clients are the fruit of competent organisation that manages the supply chain, the production processes, the technical resources, the training and the experience of those who work in the company. Faram has garnered a series of international certifications, so that everyone knows their duties and suitable training for the job has been carried out.

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