Conference table


Conference tables; teamwork rocks!

There is no true democracy even amongst tables. Accept it, there are tables and then there are Tables, some are more important than others. Until about ten years ago, the desk was king, generally, the ‘desk’ was the most important, the most desirable of tables, the one that made the difference between a ‘big cheese’ and a newly-arrived novitiate.

With the evolution of organisational management, companies increasingly work in teams, and the hierarchies have been overturned. The desk is still important, no one can deny that, but it has given way to the conference table, around which work groups meet periodically. This is the table par excellence, offering solid and reliable support for the most varied documents and materials that arrive constantly, forming the stage for a lively and creative exchange of opinions; supporting and enacting the most important decisions, destined to change the fate of the company.
Faram conference tables are elegant, practical and perfectly integrated with the furnishing system. They are the beating heart, the (im)mobile engine around which everything turns. It is easy to say ‘conference table’ as if it were a monolithic, unchanging category, while in fact there are many types, with differing characteristics and purposes. They are a large and heterogeneous family. Here, as elsewhere, size counts. There are managerial and executive tables, the largest and most authoritative, always ‘decisional’, the operational tables, smaller and more friendly, co-working tables, particularly equipped for cabling and built-in technologies, and the simple phone booth tables or the wild-card offices. Not to mention the informal tables, also available at a height of 110cm, for break rooms and ‘flexible’ meetings.
Faram understands the various demands of these working contexts, simply because the company is ‘on the ball’ and experiences these situations every day.
Our challenge is to transfer this understanding and experience to products that realise the expectations and demands of our clients.

Conference table Dinamico

The clean lines and technical features make conference tables of the Dinamico furniture system perfect places to confront and make decisions. The tops include a channel to hold sockets and cables, or an integrated socket to recharge their devices. The top can be rectangular or square or barrel according to the needs of each specific space.

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Conference table Cartesio

You sit at a Cartesio conference table and you have the impression of being in a meeting with the great fathers of the French Enlightenment: Montesquieu, Voltaire, Rousseau, Diderot, D'Alembert and, of course, the most enlightened of all: René Descartes. It happens, really.

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Conference table Bahlara

The Bahlara system is so flexible, modular and reconfigurable that even the old and glorious distinction between individual and team work becomes obsolete. The system offers beautiful conference tables that sometimes take on individual forms and functions, as well as individual desks which, when needed, join forces in the form of meeting tables.

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