Double glazed walls


Twofold performance for double-glazed walls
Faram is at its best with the double-glazed walls, at least in the field of mobile partition walls, balancing aesthetics and performance. A dividing wall equipped with double-glazing allows absolute transparency, without compromising the strength of the wall. Additionally, it provides an important feature of office walls, significantly increasing the soundproofing of spaces such as meeting rooms or executive offices. With double-glazed walls the natural light continues of interact with the furnishings and accessories, giving the occupants full perception of the spaces, but maintaining confidentiality.

The Three Graces of Faram

At present Faram offers three versions with double-glazing: the elegant P900, the sensorial Dafne and the latest arrival, the P660, the smart wall par excellence. Three walls that spread light and well-being throughout the office, creating an increasingly homely atmosphere. How is it possible to attain such ‘pulchritude’ with glass, aluminium and wood? Only by seeking simplicity and transparency, bowing to the highest of the neoclassical ideals.