Naturally, the difference between executive furniture and operative fittings lies mainly in the finishings, and here Faram has not spared any effort, combining the excellence of the materials and the processes with a great range of solutions.

Executive Dinamico

The executive Dinamico furnishing system interacts with prestigious finishings such as the extra-bright tempered crystal tops, perfect for highlighting the details of the aluminium structure. The wooden veneers define the spaces around which the most important decisions of the company are taken.

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Executive Cartesio

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Executive Bahlara

In the Bahlara furnishing system, the task of differentiating the desk of an operative from executive desk is entrusted to technological research, finishings and a judicious and elegant use of colour. Just as with language, the nuances make the difference, starting with the stylish palette of colours of the innovative Fenix system, which ranges from champagne to titanium. The characteristics of the finishings complete the picture with anti-smear, scratch-proof or non-reflective surfaces. The use of woods like walnut, elm and oak are a tribute to the warmth of more traditional settings.

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