The Full Project Custom Service

It must have happened to you too, to have an innovative and beautiful project for your new flagship store, signed by a world-renowned starchitect, to then find yourself without the support of the usual suppliers. Or to have to create a store restaurant and not have the slightest idea of who can make it by following the established plans, times, and costs. Or to have to produce in a very short time a series of 10,000 units of a new coffee table with unusual design parameters. Or to have to quickly create community areas with unusual features within your headquarters. Good architects or designers give space to their creative instincts, then you need someone at their service to help them translate creative solutions into reality. Professionals capable of listening, understanding, being helpful.

IBM entrance designed by FaramLab

A task force called Faram Lab

To help architects and client companies in the realization of their most ambitious projects, Faram wanted to adopt a specific task force: it’s called Faram Lab and it is led by professionals with decades of experience at the top of the contracting field.
The workgroup includes a key account manager, designer, project manager, and specialized assembly teams, in addition to a carefully selected network of engineers, craftsmen, and specialists from all over the world. The idea is to operate as a strategic partner by setting up exclusive interiors of all kinds, strictly respecting the Made in Italy supply chain.

glasses showroom realized by FaramLab

Custom-made all over the world

With offices in Milan, Rome, London, Paris, and New York, Faram Lab is the global partner of designers and client companies.
Faram Lab interprets the client’s needs while taking into account that each company has its own history, its own culture. Another decisive aspect is the so-called value engineering: to find cheaper solutions for an object or a product you need competence, imagination, and an inquisitive spirit. Finally, it is fundamental to know how to manage the creation process from start to finish, from the first exchanges in front of a computer to the fateful delivery of the keys.

The key account manager? He or she solves problems

At the head, and at the heart, is the key account manager, a professional with a solid methodological approach and multiple competences: design, negotiation, organization, on-site assembly, and more. Above all, the key account manager mastered the art of listening.
Listening, understanding, elaborating, without ever putting their own ego in front. After taking note of everyone’s needs and opinions, the key account manager must strive to take everything into account and take action.

Faram Lab: we do many things and we like to do them well

Consultancy, project analysis, technical feasibility study, materials research, budgeting.

Selection of the furnishings, preparation of the executive technical drawings of the furnishings and the construction part; sampling and definition of materials in collaboration with the design team.

Coordination between the various people involved, management of the entire process according to the timing and budget defined by the client.

Availability of logistic spaces for the creation of a full-scale model of a project.

Administrative management of documentation and organization of worldwide shipping.

Construction and assembly works carried out according to the local regulations in force, with highly qualified personnel.

On-site assistance and maintenance. Timely interventions with maximum efficiency and professionalism.