Furnishing systems


Furnishing systems for knowledge workers

Nowadays, an office furnishing system is not simply a collection of desks, conference tables and fittings chosen to define the roles and spaces of the company. Design and furnishing systems now serve to support the various activities that the knowledge workers and the protagonists of smart working are called upon to carry out during intense days of working nomadism.
Workers who can choose where and how to work. At home or in the office? At Faram, we have no doubt: in the office. It is our aim to overturn the classic concept of ‘home sweet home’, making ‘office sweet office’ our promise.

Work enobles, but who enobles work?

The challenge taken up by our office furnishing systems is to be more comfortable and ergonomic than even home furnishings. Don’t be surprised then, if alongside the more traditional choices of a Cartesio desk or a Dinamico executive desk, our projects include sofas, gazebos, booths and pods destined for informal meetings, brainstorming or co-working activities.
In our furnishing systems there is space for everything. In fact, there is a space for every single thing, since the most current corporates strategies centre on activity-based working. A space for every activity. Nowadays, office workers are not factory workers, but neither are they the managers of the past. Nowadays, anyone who works – above all in the great open space areas – needs an ad hoc space in which to concentrate and organise their mind maps, a space in which to work with others, formally or informally as required. A space to free lateral and creative thinking. After all, a co-working table, a height-adjustable desk, a conference table or a booth are not merely furniture, they suggest ‘functions’ expressed in the details and made available to the personal well-being of corporate performance.