Mobile partitions


Nowadays we make many demands of our mobile partition walls. It is no longer merely a question of dividing a space for a short time, we must offer the highest standards of aesthetic, functional, acoustic and visual performance, while communicating messages, values and stories.

A difficult task that requires a company specialized in partition walls to constantly invest energy and resources in developing new products, in order to keep up with the demands of the market, which for Faram means the construction and refurbishing sectors.
Faram walls have been leaders in this challenging sector for many years, producing floor-to-ceiling dividers to create new spaces and at the same time to conceal all the elements of an office that do not need to be on display: systems, cables, plugs and objects. In the meantime, what we call a ‘fitted wall’ has come a long way… The wall first wanted the transparency of a window, then the modularity of a Lego brick, not forgetting the aroma and warmth of a forest, and finally the privacy and silence of a confessional.
Faram walls are born to respond immediately to the requirements of interior designers and architects, but also to the needs of those who will be occupying the workplace. Panelled walls, fitted and adaptable walls, glazed walls, sensorial walls, talking walls, silent walls, soundproofed walls that bring to offices, museums, boutiques and the reviled non-places of the world, all the light, silence and well-being needed to flourish and work in harmony. Ecological, respectful of the space, the spirit of the places and the occupants, Faram has always been aware that walls are not made to divide, but to create, to generate new spaces for work and creativity.