Designing with regard

In this phase of re-start and re-appropriation of spaces, Faram takes the opportunity to launch #FaramTalksAbout, a digital space dedicated to dialogue and exchange of visions, ideas and knowledge on the subjects of inhabiting, living and contemporary design. 

The first appointment will host some brief thoughts of Prof. Francesco Schianchi who is a consultant, trainer, lecturer, analyst and interpreter of anthropological and social transformation. We asked ourselves if there will be some main emotions that will guide  designing and re-living in this phase of “recovery” of spaces which inevitably brings along with it uncertainty of future developments. 

We are inside an anthropological transformation, thus cultural, in which symbols, languages, meanings, relations and  behaviors have radically changed. 

Within this picture we can find at least three emerging aspects

  • a new “experience/living” of places, spaces, gestures, time and location/relation of people in this territory/cocoon 
  • a new interpretation of the concept of safety/reassurance that produces an “augmented safety” born from health issues that re-define new proxemics 
  • a new interpretation of the concept of wellbeing that turns into “well-being” ad in a necessity/desire to feel good and live well with ourselves and the world around us. 

This process can be better defined as a re-appropriation of spaces more than a “recovery of spaces”. It has become necessary to have regard, respect and take care of all the people and artifacts that inhabit these spaces. At the same time it’s important to take a fresh look, a new “reading-interpretation-fruition” that derives from the cultural and existential experience we have all lived. This means introducing  a design approach that we can call “antropodesign”, which focuses on the true quality of live of people and of the planet and that sees as less important the emotional interpretation and solicitation (contingent and volatile) of artifacts.