Faram launches Bahlara Halo: the evolution of the versatile and secure office bench.

The concept of the Bahlara Halo bench arises from the need to adapt the workplace to the dynamism and flexibility of today’s work dynamics. An office workstation that meets the need for greater versatility and comfort, while ensuring maximum safety

What emerges with everyone going back at the office is the urgent need to adapt office furniture and workstations to the current security measures. But is it possible to meet this necessity without sacrificing comfort, flexibility and aesthetics? Faram 1957 answers with Bahlara Halo, the bench that brings together versatility, comfort and design, allowing to easily and safely face the workplace. 

Bahlara Halo is one of the many possible evolutions of the bench, one of the most versatile components of the Bahlara furniture system. The collection designed by Egidio Panzera was born with the aim to interpret the main features of today’s working life. The Bahlara system expresses exchange, speed and movement and it allows to customize your workplace while building new isolated or interactive places. 

Bahlara Halo was designed to meet the new workplace dynamism through a perfect balance between flexibility, aesthetics and safety. The bench is characterised by a structure in elevation that is able to shape at the same time protected and shared areas, single or collaborative workstations. The drapes that surround the station are inspired by a protective halo, hence the name Halo, that allows the workplace to always be secure while creating functional safe and comfortable shelters that are able to ensure privacy and simultaneously bring down boundaries. 

The front partition screens and the drapes have been designed and adapted accordingly to the current safety protocols. The materials used: pvc or breathable technical fabric are completely non-toxic, transparent, antibacterial and easily sanitised. Comfort and aesthetics have been spurred by the need of protection and delivered a concept consistent with contemporary need and capable of evolving over time.

Bahlara Halo avvolge e protegge il tuo spazBahlara Halo colora e rende collaborativo il tuo spazio di lavoro