Faram wins the Good Design Awards 2019 with Bahlara

Faram is one of the winners in the Furniture category of the Good Design Awards 2019 with its office furniture collection Bahlara, designed by Egidio Panzera.

Smart working, freelance working and coworking are only some of the indications of a radical change in an always more dynamic, versatile and discontinuous everyday working life. Our habits and necessities are changing and adapting but they’re not met by mostly static and inflexible professional environments. Bahlara was born specifically to comply with the flow of today’s everyday life by reinterpreting current workspaces and won the Good Design Award

The Good Design Award is the oldest and most prestigious program for design superiority for the most innovative and cutting-edge industrial, product and graphic designs produced around the world. The Awarded products and graphics are accessioned into the Chicago Athenaeum Museum’s Permanent Design Collection.

The Bahlara collection was awarded thanks to the innovative, versatile and high-performance furniture system that enables designers to customise, in their workplace, every element, feature and finish that become an expression of the corporate and local culture. Massimo Giacomelli, Faram’s CEO explains:“In Faram 1957, we imagine the office as a place where people find their identity, where workspaces are modeled on sharing, exchange and foster creativity, productivity and well-being. The new collection had to give shape to this vision by translating it in a system that is able to meet the increasingly quick and unpredictable changes of today’s society”. 

Bahlara (that owes its name to the sicilian Ballarò market) draws inspiration from the practical, instinctive and spontaneous aesthetics of the market and it adapts to the new irregular and flexible way of living the office. The collection is characterized by a modular system made of desks, benches, seats, and mobile work surfaces that create discontinuous surfaces and sound-absorbing panels that can be freely applied. One can take full control of their workplace by adapting it in an optimal way to their needs.

Faram’s challenge will not stop with this acknowledgement and the company will continue to promptly and effectively respond with creativity to the context, the habits and the needs of tomorrow’s workers

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