Isola, the multifunctional platform to live safely all spaces

Going back to a new, changed everyday life we are brought to redraw and reinvent the way we live public and private spaces in our cities, while safety becomes the main goal and driver of every project. Faram 1957 actively takes part in this redesign and launches Isola, the quick and simple access control gate for high turnout places, capable of significantly reducing risk of contamination in public and private spaces. 

Isola is a multifunctional device, that ensures every user’s and host structure’s protection, the operation of which is simple and user friendly. The use of innovative technologies, including the AI system SophyAI®, allows to manage in an integrated way both the people and object sanitation process  and the platform access control. With a functional and friendly user interface, the system accompanies every user step-by-step though a “self-safety experience”

The access to the pod is given once passed some eligibility parameters set by the host structure, such as the presence of the mask on the user’s face, the measurement of the temperature and if the number of persons permitted is not exceeded. Once inside the platform, the user is given all the personal protection equipment (PPE) and guided through proper use

Entering into the Isola platform is a short, effective and non invasive experience, aimed at reassuring and protecting the user. To protect privacy of the people who access, Isola uses encrypted metadata, so that none of the collected information can be registered or disclosed in the future.

Isola is able to bring together safety protection with environmental sustainability and innovation: the materials used are recyclable and durable and its system is energy-efficient. Furthermore, the sanitizing and purifying mechanism occurs through a nebulized natural mixture with a dry fog output, without any chemical substances, non-toxic and suitable to every surface.

Isola is a functional platform, that adapts to any environment: from large retailers to public structures, from big businesses to airports. The device is modular and customisable so that it can be implemented in any space: the structure’s dimensions can be adjusted according to customer’s needs, every device is brand configurable and for any location that requires more than one entrance there is the possibility to join two or more pods, by leveraging the same technology on both drives with considerable resource savings. 

To value the initial investment, Faram designed Isola to be multifunctional and reconfigurable, capable to evolve and change to fulfill future requirements.

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