Launch of the Bahlara furniture system: event People & Spaces (Faram 1957 – People and Space Live Event)

On February 2019, Faram presented the Bahlara furnishing system designed by Egidio Panzera at the event People & Space. On this occasion Egidio Panzera himself and the managing director of Faram, Massimiliano Giacomelli, discussed the workplace with three authors who represent three different viewpoints on this topic. While the astronaut Paolo Nespoli spoke of his very unusual workplace on the space station orbiting the Earth in the absence of gravity, the sociologist Marc Augé examined the workplace in relation to the specific sociological category that has made him famous, the ‘non-places’. Finally, Mariano Corso, scientific head of the Smart Working Observatory in Milano, offered a systematic vision of this frequently misunderstood key concept of contemporary organisational management.

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