Operational desks


Tell me what kind of desk you have; I will tell you who you are

Office desks are the basic element of any furnishing system, just a tabletop and four legs, but with challenging duties: they must interpret the space available, suggest the various roles of the personnel and together with the other furnishings and fittings, they must express the corporate identity.
Nowadays, we demand a lot of our desks. They must give the space personality, encourage the exchange of ideas and teamwork. They must be handsome, practical and easily reconfigured. Above all, they must guarantee the well-being and pleasure of the persons who use them. This is why Faram desks combine elegance with maximum levels of ergonomic comfort and personalisation.
Executive or operative and adjustable in height, Faram desks are extremely practical thanks to a combination of technology and research, guaranteeing lasting, high-performance finishings ranging from the innovative Fenix to the more avantgarde melamine and the eternal classicism of wood.
The modular system makes it possible to arrange the desks in line or as islands, allowing the interior designer the utmost freedom of expression and interpretation of the corporate functions.

Operational desks Dinamico

The Dinamico desk is the perfect design concept for office furnishing and the leg is the distinctive feature of the entire system. The flat iron aluminium leg slants from the top to become perfectly perpendicular at one third of its descent towards mother Earth. The numerous variations of the legs can easily be combined with equally versatile tops.

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Operational desks Cartesio

Res cogitans and res extensa meet, but only in Cartesio desks The supporting structure is the essence of the Cartesio office furniture system, desks destined to last over time, with a guarantee of all-round sturdiness. After all, steel is a symbol of eternity – well, almost. Cartesio furnishings can be combined in geometric constellations starting with the desk, the basic element, the alpha and omega, from which the entire system derives. The workstations can be placed side-by-side or facing, starting with a space-saving central structure. The finishings give the operators a sense of luxury and indulgence.

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Operational desks Bahlara

One, one hundred, one hundred thousand… possible configurations of Bahlara desks.
With Bahlara desks Faram has attained the greatest gamut of compositions and personalisation possible, simply by studying the simplicity of the market stalls and the power of a spontaneous aesthetic that continually gives rise to new structural arrangements. Just like the stalls of Ballarò market, Bahlara desks develop both horizontally – forming work benches or islands – and vertically, starting with the four legs. Legs that become beams to support, when necessary, whiteboards, blinds, noise screens, shelves and biophilic elements. Extendable and modular desks; above all customisable and the bearers of unimaginable planning potential. Design that emphasises the eternal, and never denied, confrontation with chaos and discontinuity, attainable by inserting vertical elements, or sections of differing heights between one table top and another. Storage space instead of simple legs and alternative surfaces for printers, stationery and personal belongings.

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