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The minimalist wall
P600s is a modern wall, the symbol of absolute minimalism: a slim single-glazed panel – although it does not renounce soundproofing – transparency is its main feature. P600s is the Faram wall with the maximum level of visibility. It is simple and elegant, embellishing the space, sharing all the light available, at any hour of the day. The narrow frame (a section of 45mm by 39mm) and the glass panels of variable thickness, from a minimum of 10mm to a maximum of 12.7mm make P600s the most ethereal single panel partition wall available.

To avoid limiting the visual continuity, the slim vertical frames are in transparent polycarbonate. A technical detail that guarantees the aesthetic impact, the structural continuity and the elegance.
With an acoustic coefficient that varies between 34 and 40 decibel P600s is an extremely valid option for a soundproof mobile partition. The choice of the doors also reflects the simplicity of the design. The P600s has flush sliding glass doors (the gear is hidden in the upper frame) or frameless doors. On request, panelled doors are available. Following refurbishment, the result will be a system of mobile partition walls perfectly integrated with the architectural structure, that enhance the office furnishings and the general setting.

Data sheet

executive workspace realized trough P600s double-glazed walls
P600S double-glazed mobile partition
workspace realized trough P600s double-glazed partition walls
conference room realized trough P600s double-glazed wall
overview of glazed mobile partition
P600S corner glazed wall
P600S partitions

Acoustic testing

Single glass 10 mm
dB 32
Single glass 55.1
dB 34
Single glass 55.2A
dB 36
Single glass 66.1A
dB 40

Mechanical testing

Single glass 10 mm