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P660: the smart-wall by Faram
P660 is the hegelian synthesis of Faram mobile partition walls, the one that best interprets current market demands in terms of modularity and speed of installation. With this wall, planning, aesthetics and practicality attain a perfect balance.

P660: in medio stat virtus
Like P600s and P900, P660 has no vertical interruptions, a homage to the ideal of absolute transparency, to be included in almost any architectural project, enhancing the spaces and the functions. The bearing structure has an aluminium profile halfway between the 100mm of the iconic P900 and the 45mm of the queen of minimalism P600s. With a profile of just 60mm, P660 can accommodate all the possible variations of a mobile wall: central or lateral panel, single-, double- or triple-glazed according to the acoustic performance required.

P660 is a smart mobile partition, rational and versatile with respect to both the space and the acoustic or visual privacy requirements and adaptable to the demands of the site. P660 is quick to produce and to install. It is possible to mark out the position in real time, to accelerate the fitting. The wall is composed of glazed elements supported by telescopic frames, positioned floor-to-ceiling, and snap-in extruded aluminium glazing beads.
All the other features are typical of Faram’s passion for customization: in fact, it is possible to choose the colour for profiles and panels, the type of glass, the doors and the handles. P660 can be personalized to attain the warm-wood effect, as in the Casa Siemens project, or other ad hoc materic effects.
The acoustic performance of the mobile partition wall depends on whether the single-, double- or triple-glazed panels are used. P660 ranges from 35 a 53 dB, guaranteeing a high level of soundproofing and acoustic insulation for the halls of power and more.

Data sheet

detail of the p660 partition wall
P660 glazed wall and mobile partition
P660 Faram partition wall
P660 double glazed partition wall
P660 wall partition with door
P660 partitions

Acoustic testing

Single glass 55.1A
dB 36
Double glass 55.1
dB 43,7
Double glass 66.1
dB 45
Double glass 66.1A
dB 47
Double glass 66.2
dB 47,5
Double glass 66.2A
dB 48,5
Triple glass 55.1
dB 50
Triple glass 55.1A
dB 53
Triple glass 66.1
dB 52
Solid partition (melamine + plasterboard)
dB 37
Single glass door 66.1
dB 40
Single glass door 66.1A
dB 42
Double glass door 33.1
dB 43
Double glass door 33.2A
dB 40
Solid door
dB 40

Mechanical testing

Single glass 55.1
Double glass 55.1A
Solid partition