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P900: ‘the’ Wall
P900 is the jewel in Faram’s crown, the prestigious partition wall that everyone wants to include in their luxury restyling projects. Why is that? Because P900 combines the Platonic concept of the glazed wall with the utmost practicality and safety of life on Earth. It is no coincidence that this mobile partition wall has been chosen by renowned artists such as Norman Foster, Jean Nouvel and many more; designers whose names are linked only to suppliers who can guarantee absolute appeal and long-lasting quality.

A wall that speaks of the producer and those who choose it
P900 is the double-glazed wall that defines the excellence of Faram mobile partitions, concentrating the technical and aesthetic choices on avantgarde research and the company’s talent for experimentation. P900 is the first bonded glass partition wall ever made, a characteristic popular with perceptive interior designers and (alas) with our competitors who have taken inspiration from our revolutionary design. The wall features a single aluminium frame (fixed to the ceiling and the floor) and transparent polycarbonate seals between the glass panels to guarantee maximum transparency. The range is completed with a series of optional features, such as glass panels of varying thickness to guarantee the required level of soundproofing, bright or extra-bright glass for greater elegance, and two types of profile, 80mm and 100mm.

Data sheet

P900 mobile partition
P900 glaze wall
P900 partitions

Acoustic testing P900

Laminated single glass 66.1
dB 36
Laminated double glass 55.1
dB 41
Laminated double glass 55.1A
dB 47
Laminated double glass 66.1A
dB 48
Laminated double glass 66.1
dB 47
Tempered double glass 10 mm
dB 40
Tempered double glass 12 mm
dB 38
Solid partition (melamine)
dB 45
Solid partition (drywall and steel)
dB 51
Sealed double sliding door
dB 27
Sealed hinged door
dB 34
Toughened glass hinged door 12mm
dB 33
Framed toughened glass hinged door 12 mm
dB 31
Toughened double glass hinged door 6 mm
dB 34
Melamine solid hinged door
dB 27

Mechanical testing P900

Laminated double glass 55.1A
Melamine solid partition
Steel solid partition

Acoustic testing P900S

Double glass 66.1
dB 43,7
Double glass 55.1A
dB 45,3
Attached double glass 55.1A
dB 46
Double glass 55.2A
dB 44,9
Double glass 66.1A
dB 47
Double glass 66.2A
dB 47,5
Double glass 55.2A and 66.2A
dB 46,4
Solid partition
dB 47,1