Single-glazed walls


Single-glazed walls are used by interior designers working with open spaces and refurbishment. In fact, they are stable, mobile panels, but at the same time they are transparent and lightweight, allowing natural light to flow, without renouncing excellent levels of soundproofing.

Attractive, practical and simple

In these walls the frame is extremely slim, thanks to cutting-edge engineering during the production process. The P660 has a 60cm aluminium frame, while the P600s has a 45mm frame. The Faram single-glazed walls and the tailor-made Dafne wall perform perfectly in the most recent restylings of offices, boutiques and museums.
Floor-to-ceiling single-glazed walls with panels joined by transparent polycarbonate frames or invisible bonds pay homage to maximum transparency and elegance. The distinctive traits are the formal simplicity and the play of light, fundamental aspects for the enhancement of spaces and design choices. Single-glazed walls also offer good acoustic protection, as confirmed by the accredited laboratories that certify Faram products with regard to the specific needs of the clients.