Bahlara Halo

Designer: Egidio Panzera

Designed by Egidio Panzera, Halo is the new ‘safety’ and ‘protection’ configuration and evolution of the bench, one of the most important components of the Bahlara collection. Thanks to the elevating structure of the system, the use of an aluminum curved profile and the original drapes made of innovative fabrics, the device creates sheltered areas that embrace the single workplace in a sort of protective ‘halo’, hence the name ‘Bahlara Halo’.

In Bahlara Halo, the font partition screens, for which the bench Bahlara is already equipped, have been raised accordingly to the current safety protocols. A structure in elevation, which supports the drapes that are used to surround the single workstations, are set on the extension of the bench legs. In this way it’s possible to switch between moments of sharing and moments of ‘isolated’ working. Bahlara Halo shapes niches that guarantee full operation: while remaining safe and incredibly efficient, they maintain a strong identity that characterizes the entire Bahlara system.
Bahlara was initially born as a modular furnishing system: it expands and contracts both horizontally and vertically and it can be set up according to specific requirements. It is able to supplement multiple features and eliminate space and concept boundaries, ensuring utmost comfort and privacy. Bahlara Halo has been designed to provide concrete solutions for today’s workplace demands that necessarily require safety, and at the same time they’re are characterized by discontinuity and temporary situations. In this concept safety is combined with design and functionality, while maintaining the evocative value of the main source of inspiration of the entire collection: the market. Designed to meet the current safety needs, the Bahlara Halo curtains are available in pvc or in breathable technical fabric. Both materials are non-toxic, transparent, antibacterial and easily sanitised. The pvc drapes are available in a more restrained transparent clear version, or in a coloured version that adds liveliness to the room.

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Egidio Panzera

Egidio Panzera, architect and designer, considers design the narration of an idea that stems from constantly seeking limits, whether related to a space, an object or a thought. This narration involves research, creativity and design. It reveals emotions, beauty and functionality. In design, the initial idea must be recognizable. It should be the very soul of the project. The Panzera Studio was set up in Seregno (Italy) in 2002 and operates between Milan, Moscow, Singapore and Shanghai. It specializes in industrial design and in the design of residential and commercial spaces, offices and exhibition areas. A multidisciplinary team of architects and designers deals with every design phase, from concept to engineering. Egidio Panzera holds 12 patents. He has taken part in several design and architecture competitions, receiving various mentions and awards. His work has been published in significant trade magazines. The studio collaborates with prestigious companies in the international arena, including: Aico Design, Arca Horn, Billiani, Cafim, Confalonieri, Del Tongo, Ewins, Faram, L&S, ET Al., MrDoors, Noteborn, Omnidecor, Pamar Italia, Porada, Riflessi, Sacea, Scholtes_Indesit Company, SofiaDoors, Turn Handle and Wudesto_Wurth.

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