Cartesio UP

Cartesio UP: a system upgrade

Cartesio, the office furnishing system that Faram has dedicated to the rationality of the shapes and the flexibility of the features, has been now implemented with protective screens that can be easily applied to the already existing stations with a matching design. The screens are placeable accordingly to the new safety protocols, both for the workplace’s front protection and side protection. They are thought to be adjusted or replaced to the already existing screens with little and simple measures and are adaptable to single desks and benches.

In the case of single workstations, both in the linear and the angular version, the protective screen can be hooked to the worktop through brackets. Instead, in the case of the bench, the side protection screens are placed on the floor with leveling bases equipped with legs that can be attached to the aluminum profile. In this case the protective glass exceeds the work surface by approximately 60 cm on both sides and can develop in height until 180 cm. The front protection screens for the benches have various heights and can easily replace the already existing screens by adjusting the standard support brackets.
Desk return workstation: if you need to protect an angular workstation, the lengthening will have a trapezoidal shape which fosters distancing since workers do not have any frontal exchange.
Isola Corral Workstation: the following setup builds a protective island where users don’t have any frontal exchange, since the stations are angled or back to back. In this way, the environment is more controlled and it offers greater opportunity to concentrate in open space locations.

In the solid version, the Cartesio UP screen is made by melamine resin material. In the on transparent version Faram recommends the use of glass since it doesn’t react to chemical agents nor to sunlight and it won’t scratch. It’s tempered and it has rounded edges. Available in the variants clear, silkscreened or film-coated, it has important resistance characteristics and it’s recyclable.

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