Isola: the selfsafety tool made by Faram 1957
Advanced technologies, built-in features and a modern design is what defines Isola, the innovative gate made by Faram to assure personal safety and fast access control in high turnout places. Faram and its AI partners, thanks to their experience and skills, were able to develop an incredibly efficient device that integrates access control with temperature measurement and sanitising features for people and objects that pass through it.

An artificial intelligence system manages in an integrated way both the access control and the sanitation, everytime someone passes through the gate. The neural network is also active on the entrance eligibility parameters, such as the presence of the mask on the face of who’s accessing. Many other entrance criteria can be set based on specific requirements (badges, entrance tickets, subscriptions etc.) through the RFID detector. A display positioned inside the pod updates the visitor on the fruition and correct use of the PPE (personal protective equipment) and on the implemented procedures for their and the host structure’s protection. The system can be managed remotely via the app and interfaceable with IoT. Isola benefits from a sanitation process based on a natural formula: it does not use nor leave chemical residues. It acts on contaminating microorganisms that can be found on people, it is hypoallergenic and non-toxic.
Isola is a flexible device that can be installed in various types of public and private spaces such as public structures, large companies, banks, museums, stores with a high number of entrances, airports, large stations, gyms, cinemas and theaters, hotels and many others.
Thanks to its materials and its operating method, Isola is an eco-friendly and an energy-efficient device. Its modular and multi-functional design is customizable and thanks to Faram's know-how, it can be reconfigured according to changes in needs. In fact, in the future it can be enhanced with a new function of use (like a phone booth or a meeting area).

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