W.O.W - Windows on the World Screens
Building secure spaces, ensuring safety distance

What is required of personal protective equipment in the office and at work? That it provides appropriate safety distance, that it is durable, easy to clean and demonstrates good design. The W.O.W screen meets all these requirements: it’s the right tool to go back high-performing and protected to your workspace. The W.O.W line’s protective screens are made of resistant materials and are easy to clean. They’re produced in different sizes and weight, without seals that are difficult to keep clean, since they retain dirt, and deteriorate with usage.

The W.O.W Screen is available in the following variations:

Utmost application flexibility
All the W.O.W screens are modular and adaptable to various situations. Different heights and lengths enable a great application flexibility, while the structure, free-standing or mounted, remains stable. The angular version, free-standing and anti-slip, is the ideal choice in case you want to build different protected work niches, as in the case of meeting tables or other protected temporary angular stations, without any intervention on the existing surface. Finally the W.O.W screen for counters are a solution for all situations where frontal exchange is necessary, like in the case of receptions, counters and desks that are available to the public, and they can be designed ad hoc. In the different versions, the screens can be implemented with shelves, attached to one another and they’re equipped with holes for object exchange. The screens with ground support are helpful to protect existing workspaces that are in touch with the public and to direct queues in a secure and efficient way.
Quality materials
In order to build the W.O.W screens, Faram uses high-quality and performing materials like melamine, glass and plexiglass. Glass is the most recommended material since it does not react to chemicals, to sunlight and it doesn’t scratch. It’s tempered and it has rounded edges. Available in the variants clear, silkscreened or film-coated, it has important resistance characteristics and it’s recyclable.

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