Triple glazed walls


In most refurbishment projects, architects, interior designers and builders choose to use single- or double-glazed mobile partitions, for the obvious reason that it is necessary to reduce costs. However, there are settings in which it is essential to use triple-glazed walls. We are speaking of executive offices, or staff training rooms and the sharing of information that demands maximum acoustic privacy, without renouncing light and transparency.

Maximum soundproofing and customisation

Triple-glazed walls are the mobile partitions that guarantee maximum soundproofing without limiting the communicative transparency that only glass can guarantee. In fact, we all know that the best level of soundproofing is provided by solid walls, but we wanted to create executive offices without renouncing brightness in favour of privacy. We increased the soundproofing features of the wall by designing the P660 in the triple-glazed version, a wall that assures the comfort and practicality of a solid wall, while at the same time maintaining the transparency of glass. The modularity of this partition also allows maximum customisation and the combination in continuity with single- or double-glazed walls, where the acoustic standards required are lower. For example, corridors or store rooms, but also operative spaces. The triple-glazed wall also has great expressive potential, it can include corporate content, logos, serigraphs, coloured or fabric panels to emphasise the brand identity of the company, to create sensorial routes or simply to decorate the setting. These inserts can easily be removed when the corporate needs change and the spaces are needed for new functions, occupants or challenges.