An office design company does not just sell products. Of course, it is still about walls, furniture systems, desks, meeting tables, phone booths, chairs, storage units, but in reality Faram customers are offered furnishing solutions, not just products. And the furnishing solutions are always, in one way or another, customized.
We need to work a bit like anthropologists do and carefully study the typical behaviours and needs of the end users: from the entry in the morning through the entrance area to the meal eaten in the cafeteria or in the dedicated company spaces, from the exciting brainstorming meetings to the closing of a negotiation inside a box or phone booth. Having all this very clear, using the necessary technical skills and making use of the experience accumulated over the years, Faram salesmen and technicians are able to respond promptly and effectively to the requests of the most demanding architects, contractors, and end customers.

Atradius custom-made hall

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