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Faram is based in Treviso, in the heart of the Italian North East, and is fortunate to be able to count on a furniture district characterized by an extraordinary concentration of skills, technologies, and economies of scale. Drawing from this overabundance of resources available in the area, Faram manages to keep all stages of the production process in-house, none excluded.

Once selected, the most trained technicians and craftsmen are employed in the business processes, putting the best technologies at their disposal and monitoring their activity through a wide range of Key Performance Indicators. This way, we can continuously monitor both the quality level and environmental sustainability. All this gives flexibility and reaction speed to market demands. It is the famous lean production, suitably applied on the basis of the distinctive characteristics of the product/service offered, the specific company vocations, and the extraordinary prerogatives of the Italian North East.

Last but not least, Faram devotes a lot of attention to the development and continuous monitoring of the design activities. The designers are not locked up in some remote ivory tower, on the contrary they work hand in hand with Faram’s technical office and workforce every day. Even the very delicate phase of prototyping is entirely managed internally, which allows us to make even courageous changes in a short time and with extreme efficiency. If something needs to be changed, it can be changed immediately and on site.

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